Tuesday, August 09, 2016

"Welcome to the Jungle, We Take it Day by Day" My Bajllionth Room Update MTBoSBlaugust Day 9

I am super wiped out today too, but it's not because of a semi-health emergency.  I went into my classroom with the goal of moving stuff for two hours and hanging stuff for two hours. However, I kind of got into a groove and decided that because it supposed start being really hot and humid again Wednesday and Thursday for sure that I would move stuff for three hours.  I think I got all of my plastic shoe boxes moved out and all of the larger containers.  I moved most of my books and binders out.  I decided to muster up my strength to save my husband from having to help some of my remaining heavy and awkward items.  Luckily, the pallet jack was available and for my first load, I took two typing tables and a small bookshelf.  I was able to wrangle a heavy table and a large, but fairly light bookshelf, and for my last load I got my behemoth bookshelf onto the jack, probably in an unorthodox manner, but it got the job done.  I had no crashes or any other issues, so I consider that mission to be a success.  Though, I don't think I could be a truck driver.  Sometimes it was a struggle getting the steering just right.

I did take some pictures, but I had to take them with my laptop so they are a bit clumsy, and I just realized that I didn't take a picture of my window that makes all the other teachers jealous-ha!

The first picture shows the microscope cart which I had been able to along the wall you see at the back of the picture. The second picture shows where I have stacked my shoe boxes for now.

The picture with the chairs is the area where my room used to have the library counter.  I had most of my glassware, teacher materials, and extraneous items that didn't need to be out in the main classroom area.

These two pictures show some of the large storage boxes, bookshelf, and table.  You can sort of see my new round tables as well.

I hung my women in science posters up and was going to hang some science practices posters under the other whiteboard, but I think I'm missing a couple.  I couldn't find the original file, so I can't confirm.  I hope I remember where I have that saved.  The blank middle area is where my screen for my projector will go.

These last three pictures show my decorating I did on the outside of my classroom. I don't really have a need for a "Where We Are" sign anymore because I don't have to travel between rooms, so I am thinking of putting a calendar for study hall so students could sign up to work in my room.  I'm not certain about this, though.

I am leaning toward going back tomorrow to possibly move out the rest of my stuff from the dressing room and/or get posters hung.  I am just about to the point though, that I can't do much more until the much awaited cabinets are installed.

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