Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"So Eat It, Just Eat It" What to Pack for School Lunch MTBoSBlaugust Day 10

I wrote about this last year, but eating is something that we have to keep doing, so I keep looking for different recipes that are easy for school.  I take my lunch for a few reasons:  saving money-$600 is what I would spend if I ate at school everyday, it's relatively quick-lunch is 25 minutes but we all know that gets whittled down pretty quickly, and lastly, there are only two of us in my household so I have a lot of leftovers to eat.

Here are some more of my favorites:

1.  Chickpea Salad-It has a can of chickepeas (I sometimes double the recipe), celery, dill, onion, lemon juice, and a little mayo.  I don't generally eat it as a sandwich filling, just a salad.

2.  Asian-Inspired Tuna Salad-I don't usually eat a lot of meat at lunch time, and I really try not to have items that need to be heated up because that just takes too much precious time.  This tuna salad has a can of tuna, green onions, carrots, a little mayo, and little sesame oil.  A year or so ago, I found that an area Co-Op sells spring roll wrappers.  I've always wanted to make my own spring rolls.  Anyway, the filling is to go into the spring rolls.  Unfortunately the the link I had for the exact recipe is defunct, but it's a pretty simple recipe.

3.  More tuna recipes-I've tried out several of the recipes on this link and have really liked them.  They are mostly simple recipes that have ingredients that you may already have in your pantry.

4.  Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad-This is a recent recipe I found.  I love vinegar so I was intrigued. The recipe says that if you want a more intense vinegar flavor to boil the potatoes in three cups of vinegar instead of two.  I haven't tried that out yet because I made it for my husband who is not as much of a vinegar fan as I am.  This recipe doesn't have an egg in it, but has radish as a different addition.

5. Tomato Salad-I haven't tried this one out yet, but I love tomatoes!

6.  Lentil &  Chickpea Salad-This is a recent recipe that I've tried out.  I haven't added nutritional yeast or black salt, nor can I find red lentils, but I've done the recipe mostly as it has been written.

7.  Smash Chickpea Sandwich-This is semi-similar to the previous recipe. I like this one pretty well too.

If you can't tell, I seem to have a great affinity for chickpeas!  What are your favorite lunch recipes?

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  1. Thank you for the yummy recipes! I'm struggling with lunch ideas, so this helped me a lot!