Monday, August 08, 2016

"But if it Wasn't for Your Misfortunes, I'd Be a Heavenly Person Today" Sounds Like a Case of the Mondays: MTBoSBlaugust Day 8

I don't have much to say today.............I am totally wiped.  I had planned to go into school and hang posters and move out more, but my husband woke up with severe back pain. We got him situated for a bit with an ice pack and a pain reliever.  We decided he should probably try to get into the doctor and he decided he would try to get some work done too.  So, we both got cleaned up and I went in with him to the grocery stores to help pull old signs.  He got some prices input into the system and printed off some new labels.  Then, it was off to the doctor.  At this point, the doctor thinks he's been having some severe back spasms, so he was prescribed a muscle relaxant.  Hopefully, that does the trick.  I probably should go into school tomorrow, as the heat and humidity are supposed to return from Wednesday through Friday.  One good thing for the day is that I got my grade back for my last class of the summer.  I am now two classes down toward my STEM Master's and eight to go!

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