Sunday, August 07, 2016

"She Needs Wide Open Spaces, Room to Make Her Big Mistake" Progess in My Classroom............Kinda Sorta MTBoSBlaugust Day 7

I went into school this afternoon with the goals of of getting my chemical cabinet filled back up, moving things out of the dressing room, and putting some posters and other wall hangings up.  I go the chemical cabinet filled up.  For awhile I was amazed that I had some extra room in the cabinet, but then I realized that I was missing a box.  It took a little bit of searching, but I found the box.  With the help of my husband I got my three filing cabinets loaded on the pallet jack and moved those in too. I am hoping that once my elusive cabinets get installed that I can put the items that I store in there into those.  We shall see.  I was able to move maybe a quarter of my plastic shoeboxes that have various self-made kits or lab supplies in. I got several posters hung and I think I found most of the ones I know that I can hang laid out.  Because I can't put anything away I dedicated one table to glassware.  I may go in tomorrow to hang some more posters and move more stuff into my room.  I have a few big items that I will probably need assistance with-my large bookshelf and a long table, but other than that, I can mostly handle everything if I can find a cart somewhere.  I sort of intended to take some pictures today, but I didn't.  :(  

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  1. Sounds like a busy and productive day! I hate when I go in to work in my room and it feels like a bigger mess than I started with, but I know that's just the process of cleaning and organizing. I hope they get your cabinets installed soon!