Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Ticking Clock, Everyone Stop" MTBoSBlaugust Sunday Summary 3-2-1 (Day 23ish)

I haven't posted the last couple of days.  I was wiped again Friday, and yesterday I was gone most of day.  So here I am again.  I was reminded of the Sunday Summary, and I thought that would be a good way to start off the week that marks the end of summer and the entrance back into reality.

3 Things I  am Looking Forward to:

1.  Getting my class lists even though we had things mostly worked out before summer break.
2.  Seeing co-workers I don't see much over the summer.
3.  Getting my room finished, and shifting focus to nailing down first week plans!!!

2 Things that I Will be Doing This Week:
1.  We have ALICE training on our first day back, probably a necessary evil these days.
2.  Our second day will be our welcome back, building meetings, Amazing Race, and some
     classroom prep.  Amazing Race, you say? Yes, we had a team building exercise last year, and it
     appears we are having a second go of it.  We'll see what crazy things we have to do this year. 
     I guess I will prepare by wearing some comfortable clothes and shoes that are good for running!

1 Thing I'm Irritated About:
1.  I finally bought ink for my printer.  I decided to go with my home printer first.  I can't print
     anything!!  I'm not sure if it's because of an issue with Windows 10 that I recently installed, or
     if it's doing its normal not working business that it does every so often.  I restarted both, and I was
     trying to reinstall the printer, but the internet wasn't cooperating with me.  I quit for the night. 
     Please cross your fingers that the printer will work tomorrow, so I can get things printed in color
     that I want to finish.  :)

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