Thursday, August 20, 2015

"I've Been Takin' Care of Business" MTBoSBlaugust-More Classroom Prep (Day 20)

I will just preface this by saying I am tired.  Between pushing myself pretty hard with workouts and doing school prep work, I am pretty wiped.  Today, I brought in some things I had at home and tried to get most of those put away.  I hung up my mini-whiteboard that I am going to use for absent students. I think I may need to try rehanging it with hot glue again or I will have to get a hanging bracket.  I then put up the cork boards near it, and I think those will stay up.  I then started going through some of my lab posters, as I need to choose between safety and content to put up this year.  I hung a few of those, including putting a few women scientists below my whiteboard.  I also put up the birthdays that I have on my birthday board. 

I found some posters that I need to re-laminate, and I think that tomorrow I will work on making up a few posters. I am going to make a new SLANT poster, a poster outlining possible consequences, and a new poster for classroom rules, and maybe a few other things.  I might try to get my safety contracts, MySciLife permission forms, and classroom job applications printed.  I still have a few things I want to print, but I still havne't gotten my color ink yet.

Back at it tomorrow!

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