Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Don't Know Much Biology, Don't Know Much About a Science Book" MTBoSBlaugust-More NGSS Goodness (Day 19)

Today I attended my second webinar related to implementation of the NGSS.  It was offered through NSTA's Learning Center.  This webinar focused on the sample classroom tasks.  The webinar outlined what is included in the sample tasks and how teachers might put them to use.  Toward the latter part of the webinar, the speakers outlined how one might go about writing ones for his/her own classroom. 

Overall, this is still a foreign concept to me.  I have looked over materials periodically, and I have had some professional development on them in the past.  However, there was such a lag in our state adopting them, I didn't get to really use anything that I was learning about.  I am just trying to soak up as much information as I can.

I may be misunderstanding the use of these, but the site says that the tasks came be a means of assessing a bundle of standards.  To me, this is is saying that these tasks will help elicit the opportunities for students to show proficiency of the performance expectations.  This year, we are implementing personalized professional development in our school.  It looks like we will have one PLC session per month focusing on this endeavor.  We haven't had our kick-off meeting for how this will work yet, but at this point, I am leaning toward NGSS implementation process being part of my learning goals.  I have connected with another teacher in the area, and we are going to attempt to work together to develop our units, as we will have to teach very similar course sequences.  I am looking forward to this working out. It will definitely be a difficult process, but I think it will be more manageable working with another teacher. 

I'll sign off now, as my head is still swimming with too much information!

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