Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Somewhere, Over the Rainbow...." MTBoSBlaugust-A Wish (Day 15)

This evening, I was finishing up Assertive Discipline by Lee Canter.  This book fits very well with the workshop that I took last week.  I have identified some areas of weakness and through the workshop and this book, I have a realistic view that positive change can actually happen.

The very last part of the book talks about Real-Time Coaching.  That chapter was awesome!  That would be my dream come true, to actually receive timely and consistent feedback.  This chapter made me rethink my journey thus far as a teacher.  I won't get into the details, but there have been times I have sought out feedback early on so as to be proactive about situations.  Unfortunately, for reasons A-Z that mostly didn't happen.  I think with many of our schools that is a reality. Top to bottom, everyone is pulled in a million different directions and there isn't the possibility for it to happen.  Or maybe, to play devil's advocate, it's not really a priority.  As I read this chapter, I thought about how this kind of help could really have helped enact change so much more quickly. 

I feel very confident after attending the workshop and reading this book, that I will begin to see the positive results that I have been striving for. Even though, there isn't another observer, I know what specific things I am looking for and I am really going to be targeting those as this new school year gets started.

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