Saturday, August 15, 2015

"High Ho, High Ho, It's off to work I go" MTBoSBlaugust-What I Have Been Up to (Day 14)

After school was out during the last week of May, I worked on getting my lab cleared out and moving everything to the other building.  That took about four days.  Then, I focused on getting my classroom situated, and that probably took another four days.  Originally, I had been granted permission to store many of my supplies in the old copy room, which is sort of inside my room (half of the old library).  I took a little break from cleaning and such, and felt pretty good about having things put away and organized.  However, about a week after I had everything organized in the copy room, my permission to use that room was taken away.  I went in a couple times, and my carpet hadn't been cleaned, so I couldn't move things around yet, even if I wanted to.

Eventually, that was finished so I went to work on taking out all the things I had put away and to find new places for them in my room.  Some positives to this room are that I have four tall library shelves and I have made great use of Sterilite shoeboxes.  Another positive is that the circulation desk is still there, so instead of storing my teacher things in there, I used it to store my glassware and most of the other small equipment and kits.  I have definitely been creatively fitting things in every nook and cranny there is.  I was nearly done with everything by the end of June (that's when they had cleaned the carpet), but I was tired of doing all of that, so I took a break from that.

Now that school is two and a half weeks away, I have wanted to get my room mostly squared away.  So, for the last two days, I have gone in and moved things and found new homes for others.  I'm really uncertain why I bothered to take a shower, considering the amount of perspiration that has been shed over the course of the two days.  For the most part, everything is put away.  I have posters that I either need to put back up or put away.  I will be working on some new items to go on the walls too.

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