Monday, August 17, 2015

"I'm Trying to Pick up a Friendly Bargain" MTBoSBlaugust-School Supplies (Day 16)

I didn't get this written yesterday, as I had a headache.  But thankfully, that is gone now.  This weekend I did some shopping for my school supply needs.  This was only my first trip, as apparently July-August have been heavy spending months.  I'm going to spread the list over a few weeks or so.  So this is what I purchased this weekend. I got three sets of 2-pack little trashcans.  I'm going to try having those by my six sets of tables.  I bought some stars for whatever.  I need some more things I can put on my birthday bulletin board, but I'm not sure if I will use these or not.  They are different than the other stars I have, but I couldn't find anything like those. I don't even remember where those came from.  I also got some small rings to make a card set.  I liked this set because they had a package of the same size. I've had to get packages with different sizes before, and that's not really what I wanted.  Anyway, I got these items at the Dollar Tree.  I thought about getting some more metal pans for magnetic boards, but I'm going to wait on that until I have a better idea how I might use them.

Then, I went to Walmart and I picked up a smallish dry erase board and cork board tiles. I was inspired by this post:  High Heels High School-Absent Students .  I plan to set this up to make a better and consistently working system for alerting absent students about missed items.  I plan to use painter's tape and hot glue to attach the cork board tiles to the wall, which is how I have attached the clothes I have used for bulletin boards.  I also got a magnetic container to keep dry erase markers on my board.  Because I do not have a lab this year, all of my supplies are in my regular classroom.  Much of these are in Sterilite shoeboxes on library shelves.  For the most part, the students did well with leaving things alone, but toward the end of the year, a few got a bit squirrely and got into some things.  I found some fabric marked down to $2 per yard and I am going to make curtains for the shelves to keep many of the materials out of sight.

There are some things I still want/need. I used table folders last year for each class to organize daily papers.  I am waiting hear back from Office Depot about a set of folder they sell.  Otherwise, I will get them from Walmart.  Though, I am hoping they will restock them because at the one I went to this weekend, there were only two colors left.  I am also looking for sturdy bins to keep notebooks by each table set this year.  I have enough plastic crates, but those are kind of large.  What I used last year was a disaster, as they were too flimsy. Supposedly my Walmart has some bins that I want to look at, but I have no idea where they are at. I didn't feel like asking anybody.  I would also like to get some more fabric for a couple more bulletin boards.  I found some bee fabric I like, and maybe another patterned fabric.  Those are a bit more per yard, and I want to measure my other ones to see what size I used last year.  I desperately need to buy more ink for my home printer and the one I have for school.  I want to make some colored posters, but my color ink is out. My home one will cost about $50 for a twin pack and the one at school looks to be about $40.

I'm sure there are a few other things, but those are the most pressing things in my mind.

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