Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Don't, Don't, Don't Let's Start" MTBoSBlaugust-Start, Continue, STOP! (Day 11)

1.  What I would like to start (resume, kinda/sorta) this year is having students respond to their bellwork in their science journals.  I found a link to a blog on Pinterest from a teacher that I think taught ELA at some point, and he printed off a set of questions in a column format for students to glue into their notebook.  The students then wrote a few sentences off to the side for that question. This will mean that I will need to keep up with my bellwork for the week.  Often, I stayed that amount ahead, as I put my questions on Blogger for each class.  I'm sure that we can easily adjust a question if that ended up not working.  To help push students to complete these, I plan to have small notebook quizzes.  Last year, I had them write their responses on a two-sided sheet and I collected them.

2.  What I want to continue is taking pictures of my INB pages and putting them in Google Slides. This has really helped students as we have updated our notebook.  It's also helpful for when students are absent.  I include a link to each class period's notebook on each class's website.

3.  I want to STOP getting behind in updating my INB for each class.  I did much better this past year, but I still didn't finish as strongly as I would like.

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