Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"And All I Can do is Try" MTBoSBlaugust-Successful Pins (Day 12)

I'm sure I've tried more things than this, but I picked out two that I used recently and liked.  I used the idea about putting paint tape down and putting hot glue along the tape to attach fabric.  I had to move into a different classroom last year, actually it's half of the old library, and it had no bulletin boards.  I put three up, I believe and they worked out well.  Here is the pin:

The second pin is for astronomy. Usually, I have the students walk a model of the distance between the planets.  I changed the order in which I did some things this past year, and when we got to that point, we had a nice coating of snow on the practice football field.  So, I saw a pin from TPT that was the solar system in the hallway.  It was still a bit of a challenge, as I didn't have that length to work with me, but I was creative with my placement of the planets, and the more important thing was that students got the big ideas that the activity was structured for.  Here is the pin:

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