Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"If Only You Were At Your Best" MTBoSBlaugust-Positive Change (Day 10)

My goal for this year is to keep up my exercise routine throughout the whole year.  I have been exercising fairly the past couple of years.  Most nights, I ride my exercise bike for at least 30 minutes, to ride at least 5 miles. Semi-frequently, I ride 10-15 miles.  Starting at the end of the school year, I started doing some challenges that focus on particular body areas or muscle groups.  I have completed each of these so far, which I am very pleased with myself because I haven't always completed these challenges right up to the very end.  That's not to say I haven't missed a day here or there, but I have either doubled up or added a day onto the end of the challenge.  Though I haven't lost any weight yet, I have lost some inches and have toned up some areas.  I try to eat healthily, but that will be my next area of examination, as I continue adding in exercise.  When school starts I want to keep up the additional exercise plus the cardio, at least five days per week.  I have exercises that I would like to do pinned and this helps me have a plan for that week or month.  I have been posting on Facebook for some accountability, and I have found this has helped, plus I think it has helped with feelings of discouragement.

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