Wednesday, August 03, 2016

"There Must Be Some Kind of Plan A" MTBoSBlaugust Day 3

Ode to My Unfinished Classroom
Oh room,
you have a nice, shiny new tile floor,
six brand new round tables,
chairs that match and aren't broken.
and a tiny window to see the light outside,

The goggle cabinet is on the floor,
and the clock is laying atop of that.
There are unfinished outlets,
the cord to my projector is gone,
and my screen is laying on a table.

I have no phone,
and my air conditioner seems to be missing!!!!

The guts of my classroom are shoved and scrunched into the girls dressing room.
I guess I will start moving things back in,
but I can't put anything away.............
My cabinets are still being manufactured;
at least three more weeks, they say!

I am trying to be optimistic, 
but I am growing more anxious by the day.
School starts with students in LESS than TWENTY!

For the first week of school, 
I hope the weather is cool and rain free.
For my students and I may be setting up class in a tree.



  1. Part of our school is being renovated this summer, so I know that half of my department would empathize with you! :) I hope it all gets done before you have to report!

  2. Thanks! I went in late last evening and moved some of my things for my chemical cabinet into my room. I plan to get that unpacked this weekend. I think I will put up some poster on the front wall where I know there aren't any cabinets going in. Then after that, I might just start moving things into the center of my room and going from there!!! The good news for everyone else is that I think all the work in other rooms is finished! I wish you co-workers good vibes on their rooms too!