Monday, August 01, 2016

"I'm Gonna Close My Eyes, And When I Open Them Again Everything Will Make Sense to Me Then" MTBoSBlaugust (Day 1)

This will be a short and sweet post (errrr......I guess it went longer than I thought!). I have really been intended to post more, in fact, I have a few drafts saved, but I just didn't like how the posts were coming out.  Anyway, school season is fast approaching.  I have two weeks before I report for professional learning.  This was a "short" summer for us because last year we started in September, but we went back to a more normal calendar and students will start on August 23rd.  Teachers' last day was June 8th.

Anyway, I have taken three classes this summer, this week is the last week for one of them.  Two of them are for the STEM Master's program that I have started through Loras College.  The first was STEM for All and the one I am currently in is Curriculum Inquiry.  I will start another course later in August.  That one will be a 7 week course, and I will then have a slight break until the spring in which I will take two courses.

So, you can see it has been a bit of a busy summer.  I've was able to participate in an NGSS seminar at the beginning of summer and I found that to be very helpful.  It was organized through Rubicon and I have signed up for another one this Thursday. I am hopeful that will give me some good ideas as well.

I also have been selected to be part of a pilot study for an science assessment tool, so I've attended some professional learning for that and have been working through some of the classroom modules I will be using. Today, I found out that my classroom has also been selected for a long-distance case study.  I am excited to use these modules with my students.  I think these will benefit them and we will be helping them do research on their validity.  I am still part of MySciLife; this year will be my 4th year.  A few of use have been working on an article that we are hoping to have published in an education journal, and it looks like there will be monthly meetings and collaboration among the pilot teachers this year as well.

Whew!  That's seems like a lot! But, the one thing that is making the most anxious for this school year is the fact that my classroom is being remodeled to be more science-friendly. However, last word was that my cabinets may not be in before school starts!!  All of my classroom is currently shoved into the girls dressing room in our fine arts center.  It is really hard to think through how students will get supplies and other things in the classroom because I don't know exactly where I can place my old furniture.  I know a general idea of where cabinets are going, but I really need to see everything put in to be able to think it through.  I am trying to remain calm, but as the days tick by, I am getting more and more antsy!  It was one thing to go without white boards for a month or so, but to have virtually nothing setup is nerve-racking!  I really don't want to just pile my boxes and things around the room. So, "I'm gonna close my eyes and count to ten......................"

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