Friday, June 14, 2013

"You're My Mirror, Everything I Do, I See in You"

A short time ago, I posted about reflection and the want for a coach.  In that post I talked about a tool that I used during my teacher training.  It is called "Modified SATIC."  How it works is that one either audio records or video records his/her teaching.  This analysis focuses on a 15 minute segment.  As one reviews the recording he/she notes how many times one performs each of the behaviors.  After that point, he/she looks to see what areas to improve upon and what areas are in line with best practice.  For example, if I am concerned about the usage of verbal fillers such as um, uh, ok.  I can focus in on that portion of my coding to determine what the actual state of that issue is.  When we worked on these in my methods courses, we coded the segment, wrote a transcript, and reflected upon improvements that could be made.  We then exchanged with at least one classmate and he/she went through the transcript or possible watched/listened to the segment and wrote comments about what he/she found out and what improvements could be made.  Also, this was an important part to include peer review because one could be unrealistic about the coding, because of being too critical or perhaps because of misunderstanding some of the criteria.  Peer review was also helpful because it gave us input that we could reflect upon and work into our teaching as needed.

I have used this a few times since I've been teaching full-time, but not near as much as I would like.  More consistent reflection is and has been a goal of mine.  This morning I thought I'd try again to find something on the web, as I can't find my blank copy of this anymore, and I was actually able to find a few things this time.

This first link is background from the original tool, SATIC.

This second link is one I found on Scribd.  This shows a student going through the reflection practice that I described above: Video Analysis of my Instruction 

This last link is to a blank word copy of the Modified SATIC.

I am excited to reincorporate this reflection into my practice, as well as do more with VideoPaperBuilder

What methods do you use for self-reflection?  How easy is it for you to get feedback from peers and administrators?

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  1. I intended to include a scanned copy of my own example, but Blogger doesn't like me today. :(