Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend! Update!!

Last year I posted about making a couple documents relating to classroom jobs.  I am including them here for you to peruse.  Again, I definitely borrowed from many sources, but I tailored them to fit for my classroom needs.

I used these jobs this year

And here is the document I used for the job application.

I definitely will be making some changes to the positions. I may get rid of a couple and/or maybe repurpose a few. In the previous year, we had study hall in our rooms at least every other day. However, this school year the students had study hall in other locations. It was easy in the past for students to work on some helpful tasks because they were in our rooms or even in the same building. With study hall being in other locations during our regular teaching time made it difficult for students who wanted to help out with certain tasks. That's something I need to rethink. Either, I will only accept those who really are committed to some extra time occasionally or I will have to have some items I want them to help with mostly ready to go. Of course, we don't know what our schedule will be like at all next year, so there is still the element of unknown out there.

I would like to spend a bit more time training students on how to do some of the jobs and I would like for the expert students to do some of the training for the ones who are taking over that position for the new quarter.  For the office parties, I usually held three separate ones during social time after students were done eating lunch. I might see if there is interest in having something in the mornings during this upcoming school year.

I have some more pondering to do before I redraft my positions, but I did enjoy using jobs this past year. I think the students really enjoyed them as well. Unfortunately, some of my students that I really hoped would have a job didn't sign up for various reasons. Have you used classroom jobs with your middle school students? What things really worked for your classroom, and what struggles did you have?

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