Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"This is my One and Only Voice, so Listen Close" MTBoSBlaugust-Reblogging and Old Post (Day 18)

A while back I wrote two posts that outlined some strategies and sources to help improve classroom discussion.  Here are links to the two posts: Discussion Part 1 & Class Discussion Part 2.
This was a good post for me to review because it's something that I want to focus on for this year.  Where do I stand with things?  Good question.  I didn't implement many things from the list I compiled per se, but I did try some different methods.  For example, I put together Google Slides or another electronic format and had either individual groups respond to separate questions or had groups respond to all questions. I used Nearpod a lot to have students respond in written form first, and then I could share out different responses anonymously. 

What I particularly want to increase is small group or partner discussion and then connect that with larger group discussion.  I am looking to increase wait-time this year and I think it will be helpful to incorporate different methods that use movement to help keep students engaged as well.  Another key point is to have many quality questions prepared ahead of time to help guide the discussion. 

I found it helpful to review these two blog posts, as they certainly give me a few more ideas to put in my toolkit. I think maybe I should pin them because I might look at them more there!  :)

What strategies have you found to be successful for your classroom?

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