Wednesday, August 08, 2018

"I Ask Myself, Is it a Sin to be Flexible, When the Boat Comes in" My One Word

Being flexible is probably a top characteristic that teachers need to help make their days, weeks, and months run smoothly.  I was supposed to go to Loras College to have a final meeting with a math and science cohort that was part of a lesson study group.  Our group has met for six years and the project period has concluded.  I was really looking forward to seeing many of the people that I have come to know, hear about lessons they implemented in their classrooms, and learn any new skills/ideas that our group leader has put together for us.

However, mother nature had different plans for me.  I left the house about 7 am and I knew that it was going to be foggy, as there was a dense fog advisory across most of the northern half of the state.  I thought it was maybe lifting a bit because it was quite a bit less foggy around my house.  I got out onto the highway and it was fairly light, but by the time I got just past a town 10 miles the fog was thicker, and then when I was just about two or three miles out from there, only just a bit away from my next turn, it was just completely a white out.  It was some of the worst fog I have been in a for a long time.  There was a car that had been in front of me that turned off some where and then I couldn't really see anything.  So, I was deciding that I should pull over and was actually startled when I started to see all of these hazard lights flashing off of the road.  I had to keep going for a bit until I could find space to pull off.  I kept watch of others who were going along the highway, looking for space to pull off because the visibility was so bad, I wanted to be alert for any potential problems.  Everyone was traveling quite safely, though I was worried for a moment when a car that looked like it was full of teenagers or young adults tried to pull in front of me when there really wasn't space.  They were partially pulled off and partially on the road, so I was worried about people coming up behind them.  However, the vehicle directly in front of me pulled away and went back on the road and the car with teenagers followed that vehicle.

At one point, I saw a Sheriff's vehicle and deputies were walking along the highway to check to see if everyone was ok.  I heard one talking to a car in front of me that fog was clearing behind us.  All told, I was pulled off the road for 40 minutes until it was clear enough to move.  I could still see that it was foggy ahead and I would be turning toward an area that is much more hilly, so I just didn't think it was worth it to keep going.  Plus, I would have been a hour late for the meeting.  So, I turned around and went home.

I used my time to work on some more items for school and some filing that I didn't get down last spring.  Then, because I was available, I went in to help with practices, as we had a few groups scheduled at the same time.  To end the day, my husband and I ended up digging through a dumpster to find tin that could be put on the roof of the cabin for our set in Almost, Maine.

So, flexibility is what I needed to make the most of my day yesterday!  😀

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