Saturday, August 13, 2016

"My Heart is Filled, Rebuilt" Quotes for the Classroom: MTBoSBlaugust Day 13

My JH math colleague and the tech teacher had some changeable quotes on their doors this past school year.  They had them in a sheet protector.  I like the idea, so I went through my Pinterest boards for quotes and classroom hangings.  I wanted to make the font size large, so I through out some quotes that weren't going to fit on one page.  I'm not sure if I will put this on my door or maybe outside my classroom at this point.  I am thinking about maybe making a connection into the classroom through my extension board.  I am also thinking about purchasing a ready made set of quotes from TPT for science quotes.  Anyway, here are the quotes I selected.  I tried to be careful and do some homework about who said the quote, though I wasn't always successful. If you find an incorrect attribution, please let me know.  A lot focus on kindess, and I think Dr. Seuss is attributed the most in my set!

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