Sunday, September 07, 2014

"You Came in with the Breeze, on Sunday Morning" 3-2-1 Sunday Summary Week 4


 Three Things that Happened this Week:

  • 8th grade started testing the first round of their bridges.  There have been quite the array of designs.  Our top bridge so far has held 7200 g.  They can only use masking tape, string, craft sticks, and straws
  • 7th grade went through safety training and they took their test.  The majority of students did well.  I will be pulling students in MTSS to have the pass the questions they missed.
  • To help promote teamwork, the 7th grade worked on Save Fred.  I was quite impressed to see the different solutions that various groups had.

 Two Things I am Looking Forward to:  

  • In my 7th grade classes, we will start setting up our interactive notebooks.  I am going to use a make-shift document camera that consists of my iPad and a locker shelf to project the pages up on the screen for students.
  • We are going to be starting to learn about the characteristics of life.  I will be attempting the Sewer Lice introduction.  This is so fun when it works, but I have a back-up for failure and also in case there are a few loose lips between the two periods.

1 Thing I am Grateful for:  

  • I am so excited that the temperatures will be in the 70s and 60s.  There have been several miserable days with the kiddos when the temperatures have been in or near the 90s with high humidity.  Though my room has an A/C unit, it doesn't really do a whole lot.  Plus, I have no windows.  When the kids are comfortable, things go so much more smoothly. 

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