Sunday, September 21, 2014

"This Time Baby I'll be Bulletproff" 3-2-1 Sunday Summary Week 6!

Three Things that Happened this Week:
  1. Parent-Teacher conferences-They went fairly well.  Being a 8th grade homeroom teacher this year, I definitely noticed a decline in numbers, but I still saw a fair amount of families from both grades.
  2. Chinese Acrobats visited our school-The show was really great and I know our students enjoyed seeing them perform.
  3. 8th Grade started their Light & Color Unit-They were able to go to the lab for the first time this year.  Things went ok, but I definitely will need to tweak how it works for next year.  It is really hard to run like I have with only the lab and my classroom in another building. 
  Two Things that I Implemented this Week:

  1. To help students with their Cell Theory Fakebook project, I created a simple Google Doc they could use to take notes.  I think I will modify this further, as I still have students that struggle with turning their notes into first person accounts for their scientists.  I did create a Fakebook example for my students, but I think they neglected to use the example when they were putting their project together.
  2. I used the Light & Color Lab from Stem Mom as I have in the past.  Using last year's experience as an example, I know that students need more work with the concepts before we are ready for a summative assessment.  To support their work in the lab, consolidate ideas, and lead them to be more interactive in our class discussion, I am incorporating some of the ideas from the SciNetLinks Light unit.  I am excited that we will be incorporating how the eyes work into the unit as well.  We haven't started this part of the unit yet, but I worked on how we will proceed through the topics today, as I was tweaking the week's lesson plans.
One Thing that I did for Fun this Week:
  1. My husband and I went Frisbee golfing at a local park.  I did one stroke better than last week.  I am happy that we bought discs this year.  I really enjoy playing it.


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